One of the most famous men's hairstyles or haircuts in Denver over the past few seasons, the undercut, may have been worn by some of you. Learning how to grow out your undercut is easier than you think.

We are all aware of the potential for painfully uncomfortable situations when growing our hair, but it is possible! Your strands will even out more quickly and appear entirely new. In the interim, you only need clever styling tricks and tremendous transitional looks to keep you looking polished and in tune.

You should delay getting an undercut until you can tuck your hair behind your ear, at the very least. You should play the waiting game and refrain from using scissors for a while if your ultimate goal is to let your undercut grow out until it melds in with the top layers of your hair. While waiting, a little gel and hairspray can go a long way in preventing stray strands from adhering to other parts of your hair.

Tips for Growing An Undercut

1. Choose whether or not you want to shorten your hair

Although pixie cuts are adorable, they must be styled to complement your face shape. This style is ideal for growing out an undercut while maintaining a chic and contemporary appearance. Short hair with additional layers will also cover the shaved side and blend in better when the cut begins to grow out.

2. Make it easier to conceal by dying your hair one colour

Consider dying all of your hair the same colour. This method will lessen the appearance of a shaved side as it grows back, and any haircut in Denver that you might like, a pixie or a bob cut.

3. Avoid Shaving it again

Attempt to avoid shaving your undercut, no matter how difficult, if you are serious about growing it out. 

4. Avoid having it trimmed

On the internet, there is some discussion about whether or not you should get your undercut trimmed while it is still growing. Please wait until you can tuck it behind your ear before taking any drastic measures because keeping the length is the whole point of growing it out. To prevent your hair from "sticking out," use hair gel and hairspray.

5. Consider using hair extensions

Once your hair is long enough for extensions, there is a great way to grow out your asymmetrical look. You only need three to four inches of hair to conceal and blend the tape used for hair extensions. You can also experiment endlessly with hairstyles after installing hair extensions! Ponytails, plaits, french braids, half up, half down, the list goes on and on!


The texture is instrumental when growing out an undercut. If your hair is pin-straight, it might be more challenging to hide or transition an undercut as it grows. With waves and curls, it is undoubtedly easier because they add interesting texture and can successfully conceal any length discrepancies, making them less noticeable. 

Try to avoid worrying excessively. Although it might be difficult for grown-out undercuts to match the rest of your hair, this is not a significant issue. If you consider a drastic haircut in Denver to look different, remind yourself that a slight difference in hair length will not ruin your appearance