Decks have been around for decades, giving you a place to chat with your loved ones outside under the bright sun or the awe-inspiring beauty of the moon. With the installation of rails to protect people from slipping from the patio, the decks, which had initially been seen on ships and yachts, were quickly integrated into farmhouses and other structures.

The type and style of railing you choose has a significant impact on the overall look of your farmhouse; hence you should try to select a railing that mirrors your vinyl deck covering and the aesthetics of the exterior of your farmhouse. Using wood and the cable matrix introduces you to a traditional look and might earn you some appreciated remarks. Using metals like aluminum for the railing gives you a modern look, enhanced by using a steel wire matrix or mesh.

Modern Architecture

Modern architecture makes use of metal, glass, and cables.

1. Metal

In many places, metal has long since taken the place of wood. Metal veneers with a timber pattern have also been produced to improve aesthetics and appeal to traditional and modern target audiences. Because aluminum is a very affordable metal compared to other metals, aluminum railings in Calgary or your region may also be utilized. Different finishes can be applied to it, such as polyester powder coating. 

2. Glass

Glass is one of the best beauty-increasing materials with good availability. If awe-inspiring scenery surrounds your farmhouse, it would be recommended to use clear glass, which would help increase the viewer’s visibility. If incorporating a privacy deck railing, you can use translucent/frosted glass for decreased or no visibility. However, glass is quite fragile as long as it is not subject to harsh or extreme weather conditions such as blizzards and tornados, which will even damage vinyl deck coverings, creating a need for vinyl deck repair. You can also opt for a frameless glass deck railing, which is a great way to increase the aesthetics of your railing. Although the corners of the glass might start cracking after nearly 5 to 7 years, maintenance every 5 to 7 years is a must, so there is nothing to worry about. If you still feel you shouldn’t opt for it, opt for framed glass decking railing.

 3. Cables

Cables are an exquisite way to add to your aesthetics, although using the cables might change how your railing looks, whether traditional or modern. Cables provide you with approximately 100 percent visibility while providing a little security, helping the person not fall over, and acting as a guard rail.

Traditional Architecture

Traditional privacy deck railings mostly use timber, mostly hardwood, but metals, such as wrought iron, are also used in some cases. These railings use basic designs making the use of spheres and cuboids or those traditional carvings and metals bent into the shape of flowers.

1. Woods

Most of the time, hardwoods are used for outdoor railings with excellent natural weather resistance, although they are pretty expensive. Just as the name implies, the hardwoods are hard. Hence they are harder to carve unless you have power or CNC tools. Otherwise, you may use softwoods which are much easier to carve; although they are much less weather-resistant, finishes can do the work for you. But still keeping in mind the life of the wood, hardwood would be the better option, but it requires a great deal of maintenance and a hefty sum.

2. Metals

Metals have been used for railings for some years now. Although when it comes to traditional railings, mainly cast iron and wrought iron are used. Cast iron is not malleable (can’t bend); hence it is hard to make designs from it unless you mass-produce them and have a proper mould. Meanwhile, wrought iron can be carved and bent without problem as it is highly malleable. These railings offer great strength, wear and tear, and durability against extreme weather conditions. However, just like wood, it requires maintenance, but a good polish and finish will reduce maintenance over time.

If your farmhouse is utilized for holidays away from the hectic world, classic wooden railings carved out of hardwood using CNC machines for the intricacies in every nook and cranny are an excellent choice.


Beautiful decks can significantly increase the curb appeal of your farmhouse. Deck builders near you can help you find the perfect railings to complement your decks. frameless glass deck railing, privacy deck railing, or aluminum railing in Calgary can be just a few options.