It's that time of year again - the leaves are changing color, the weather is getting colder, and you're probably starting to think about roof repairs. It's important to find a roofing company that you can trust to do a good job. With this in mind, there are some tips to help you find the right one!

Check Online Reviews

First and foremost, you should always check online reviews before hiring any company - not just roofers. A quick Google search will reveal a lot about a company's reputation. If you see a lot of negative reviews, it's probably best to steer clear. For example, check on Google and Yelp to see what others are saying.

Get Recommendations

If you don't have any luck with online reviews, ask your friends, family, or neighbors if they have any recommendations. Sometimes the best way to find a good roofing company is through word of mouth. After all, we all have roofs and sometimes they go wrong.

Do Your Research

Make sure to do your research before hiring a roofing company; don't just go with the first name you see. Look for a company with a good reputation that has been in business for at least a few years. Get multiple estimates and make sure the company is properly licensed and insured. After doing your research, you might find a surprise roofing company that you didn’t expect. 

Consider Your Needs

Are you looking for a roofing company that can do repairs, or do you need a complete replacement? Make sure to ask each company you speak with what their specialty is and whether they can meet your specific roofing needs. It's not just about the type of work they do, it's also about the materials they use. Some companies only work with certain types of roofing materials, so be sure to ask about that as well.

For instance, let's say you have a shingle roof and you need it replaced. Not all roofing companies work with shingles, so you'll want to make sure the company you choose does. You'll also want to inquire about the quality of the materials they use. Some companies use lower-quality materials to save money, but this could end up costing you more in the long run.

Get it in Writing

Once you've decided on a roofing company, be sure to get everything in writing. This includes the estimate, the scope of work, and the timeline. Among other things, this will protect you in case anything goes wrong.

Check Qualifications, License, and Insurance

This guide is all about finding a roofer you can trust, so it's important to check a company's qualifications, license, and insurance. Firstly, make sure the roofing company is licensed and insured in your state; you can usually find this information on the company's website. For instance, in Arizona, roofing companies must have a current contractor's license from the Registrar of Contractors.

Secondly, check to see if the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB is a nonprofit organization that rates businesses based on customer reviews, complaints, and other factors. Companies that are accredited by the BBB have gone through a rigorous application process and are held to high standards.

Check the Warranty

Finally, make sure that the roofing company you're considering offers a warranty on their workmanship. Most reputable companies will offer a warranty of at least one year. What if there are problems with the roofing job after it's completed? If the company you hire offers a warranty, they will be responsible for fixing any issues that arise, free of charge.